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About us.

Cidadão Global (CG) aims to work together with the community to develop organic leadership and provide the tools needed to advance human rights.  CG’s social justice vision is to raise the political visibility of Brazilian immigrants to ensure that the community has the tools and resources to collectively advocate for their human rights through systemic change.  CG’s programmatic purposes emanate from that vision and focus on increasing knowledge of rights, increasing economic opportunity, providing a platform to build leaders from within the community, and empowering the most underrepresented members of the Brazilian immigrant community, including women, domestic workers, and youth.  Through our programs and policy campaigns we give a voice to Brazilian immigrants in national and local policy debates centered on immigration, employment rights, and language access.  

Cidadão Global works in four main areas:


#1 Grassroots Organizing

  • Harnessing the power of each community member to recognize and collectively address issues affecting the community

  • Conducting outreach and maintaining social dialogue groups

  • Conducting participatory research as to the community’s needs

#2 Leadership Development

  • Opportunities for leadership development through programs, internships, and workshops

  • Trainings on civic engagement, community organizing and systems of oppression

  • Inclusion in local participatory budget campaigns and processes, from project planning to voting

  • Using popular education methods to further transformative social change

  • Developing important skills in each community leader through our campaigns ​

#3 Advocacy

  • Working toward language appropriate and culturally specific resources for the Brazilian immigrant community

  • Working to secure inclusive rights for immigrant communities, especially women

  • Working to secure employment rights for domestic workers and other low-wage earners by participation in coalitions and campaigns

#4 Essential Services

  • Providing assistance and information in immigration matters, employment law and wage theft claims

  • Providing assistance and information in accessing public services

  • Providing assistance and information in accessing information in Portuguese in public schools

  • Providing English as a Second Language (ESL) classes

  • Providing résumé and cover letter review and small business workshops

How do we change the world?

Cidadão Global is dedicated to organizing the Brazilian immigrant community in order to bring about tangible social change.  We believe that organizing galvanizes community power to ascertain needs and to build strategies to effect change.  We build upon that power by developing grassroots leadership through direct training, skills transfer, and long-term commitment.  Finally, we harness the power of the community to strategize and move towards our collective vision of change.

Our common goals involve developing a more unified Brazilian immigrant community, nurturing a culture of civic engagement, political participation and volunteerism, preserving representative leadership, and ensuring that immigrant rights are met.

Outreach & Grassroots Organizing


leadership by engagement in advocacy

Creation of sustainable change

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